About Us


 Our Team

At Isabel Polyclinic, we believe that successful healthcare lies not only in modern diagnosis and therapeutic methods, but also in a helpful and personal approach to each patient. That is why we go the extra mile, combining our humanity approach with our high technologies. Hence, we strive to accommodate to our patients’ wishes and requirements, providing them with maximum comfort and privacy during the provision of our medical services.

 Vision & Mission

To be your local and leading medical provider. 


To meet the needs of:

  • Our patients through excellency and cost effectiveness;
  • Our staff through continuous development.

 Our Values

  • Honesty and transparency
  • Respect for our patients’ dignity
  • Priority to our patients’ needs
  • Compassion and care
  • Team spirit
  • Continuous improvement of our services and business (Optimistic Future)

Patient’s Rights

  • To be respected regardless of your age, gender, race, religion, cultures, physical and mental status.
  • To have your privacy protected: all personal and medical information is kept confidential.
  • To be informed and involved in the decision making related to the provision to you of medical care.
  • To receive effective medical care.

Patients' Responsibility

  • To provide as much information as you can.
  • To provide accurate legal names, address, contact number(s) and date of birth.
  • To give your consent to recommended treatment plan(s), if you agree.
  • To take responsibility for any consequence if you refuse medical treatment.
  • To respect and be considerate of other patients, clinic staff and visitors.
  • To respect other patients’ privacy.
  • To meet the financial obligations towards Isabel Polyclinic.